Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening will customize a Compost Tea Program to meet the specific needs of plants and your soil. The program consists of both compost tea and microbial food applications. We recommend our seven-part application program. The schedule consists of two spring compost tea applications, three summer microbial food applications, and finally, two fall compost tea applications. Compost tea and microbial foods are applied as a foliar, a soil drench, or a deep root injection to trees, shrubs, perennials, and vegetable gardens to boost their overall health.

Deep root zone fertilization

Using our deep root injector, we will inject compost tea and/or microbial foods into the root zone of trees and shrubs in order to better utilize fertilizer materials and to ensure that the plant is receiving the proper amount of nutrients it needs. Deep root injection also aids in relieving soil compaction by sending high pressure water through an injector gun deep into the ground to break up soil particles.

Tea Checking
Carmine checks to see if the tea is ready