We have a dedicated crew waiting to install your plants – from groundcovers to trees!  Our staff of NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) Accredited Organic Land Professionals attend to each plant’s special needs.  We remove wire baskets on woody plants, for example, that will restrict future root growth if left in place.

All projects implement the NOFA Organic Land Care standards for planting.  We amend the soil prior to planting, if required, based on your soil test results.

Pumpkin Brook will provide a carefully developed estimate for each planting so that you understand fully what the project will entail.


New habitat for pollinators in a Lincoln backyard

Former lawn area is recreated as planting beds

Using our Kubota tractor to install a Viburnum in West Concord

Walker 1

Creating a clean slate with a local compost/loam blend adds gentle vertical texture to the new planting canvas.

Focus entrance corner off of driveway showcases a Summer Fun Dogwood. Crew member keeps plants nourished during hot June weather.

Newly installed tree

Reducing lawn area by smothering in late fall and preparing for spring planting