Winter Protection

Strategies include spraying broad-leafed evergreens with an organic anti-desiccant in order to prevent plants from losing essential moisture during the harsh New England winters. This nearly invisible product stays on the plant leaves during the winter months and then will slowly degrade with the warmer temperatures of spring. We also prepare exposed beds with a winter mulch of salt marsh hay or boughs once the ground has frozen.

RhodeRhododendron sprayed with anti-dessicant

Evergreen boughs protect perennials in exposed beds

Marginally hardy boxwood variety is wrapped in burlap to help prevent wind desiccation. Lee Gadway photo.

Custom-built shrub protector

Garlic clip deters deer browsing

Deer Protection

The enzymes in a deer’s stomach change with the seasons.  In spring and summer, they prefer green herbaceous material such as hostas and daylilies.  By October, the enzymes shift and they begin to browse hydrangeas and woody plants.  Then in winter the deer turn to evergreens and woody plants, subsisting on this diet until the grass greens up again in late April.

A completely organic product can be applied to your plants to prevent deer browsing. This product is harmless to the deer, but deters them by making the plant undesirable in taste and smell. Unlike a physical barrier such as netting, this product is completely invisible yet extremely effective.

We can also install deer-proof fencing in late fall for areas with greater deer pressure in winter, and then remove this barrier in late April.

A herd of young deer seeks evergreens for winter sustenance

Emergency Watering Service

We offer a watering service to our customers who need additional water for their plantings due to water usage restrictions, extreme weather conditions, irrigation system limitations, or after a new installation.

As part of our large scale watering service, we add a soluble powder called Stress-X to the water mixture. This mixture contains trace elements and natural growth hormones that greatly improve overall plant health, growth and resistance to heat and water stress related problems.  We use our own spray equipment to efficiently water large properties.

Hand watering is also available by request for smaller plantings and containers.  This “garden sitting” service can be a boon to your plants during your summer vacation!

Applying Stress X during a hot, humid August