Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening provides thoughtful, knowledgeable, and timely care for your entire property.  We are a full-service company and stand ready to help you with all aspects of gardening, from designing to implementing renovations to care of the maturing landscape.  Most of our staff are accredited professionals with the NOFA Organic Land Care program.

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Let us help you keep up with your garden. Weekly, biweekly or seasonal visits are available. We’ll start by evaluating your existing conditions and your most pressing priorities. Together we will make a plan of action that can help you relax and enjoy your garden spaces.  Learn More »


We take the sustainable approach to Plant Health Care (PHC). This is a holistic and comprehensive program which begins with the soil and the web of life therein. Indeed, we are all connected! Learn More »


We offer in-house garden design services for plantings.  Deanna Jayne, our Designer, specializes in native plant and permaculture concepts.  We also collaborate with local landscape architects and designers. PBOG’s dedicated crew stands ready to install your plants—from groundcovers to trees!  All projects implement the NOFA Organic Land Care standards for planting.  We amend the soil prior to planting, if required, based on your soil test results. Learn More »


Our staff is committed to creating biodiversity in an ecologically sound way that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, improves water absorption on site, and creates pollinator and wildlife habitats. Learn More » Image courtesy of Regenerative Design Group


Hardscapes such as a walkway, path, or patio are the perfect accompaniment to a landscape planting. They provide usable spaces and a functional way to move throughout and enjoy your property. At the same time they add beauty and value to your home landscape. Learn More »


Using all natural essential oils, we provide bi-monthly tick and mosquito spraying for your property. Learn More »