Thinking about implementing some regenerative practices for your home and gardens?  We can help.  Our staff is committed to creating biodiversity in an ecologically sound way that sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, improves water absorption on site, and creates pollinator and wildlife habitats.   We also keep up with cutting edge methods of enhancing the circle of life that exists between plant and soil biology.  

Two of our staff members have Permaculture Design Certifications and are here to guide you. Together we can create your garden’s dream eco-design and allow it to come to fruition!  Our work is based on observing and mimicking natural systems.  Let us help you bring nature closer to home.    

We have installed perennial crops, polycultures, no till systems and hedgerows.  Read more about edible perennials here.

Perennials and Climate Change

Perennial Vegetables List

Regenerative – processes that restore, renew and / or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials 

Cornelian Cherry

Young orchard in establishment phase

Espaliered pear tree in training

Initial site evaluation

Fern bank acts as a ground cover holding in soil on the slope