Native plants lend an authentic sense of place to your landscape.  You should know that you are in New England. In addition, once established, they are drought tolerant, lower in maintenance, and form self-sustaining communities.  And we are skilled in selecting the most colorful and multi-season native plants for your property.

More and more gardeners want to attract pollinators. For that we’ll need to provide nectar, places to roost, and food for the young.  Let us suggest a plant pallette that will bring in the wildlife AND be sustainable.  Native trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers can all play a role.

You may be interested in our recommended plants for a dry season.

Lawn-alternative planting, in progress

Spring bulbs in lawn

Mimicking nature’s design

Newt habitat

Encourage friendly flyers with plants they love

Reduce lawn and increase eco-friendly environments for native flora and fauna

Fern bank acts as a ground cover holding in soil on the slope