Here are some things I’m thinking about that we are able to do in the near future for you. Let me know if you would like our help with any of the following:

Gnawing creatures under the snow or “buck rub” from deer – protect tree trunks with mesh supports or pebbles and hardware cloth. Thin barked species like crabapples, magnolias and fruit trees are always vulnerable.

Shrub protectors – Reese and Lee can measure your shrubs and build these now of long-lasting and good-looking cedar – install in November before snow falls off the roof and smashes your shrubs again!

Japanese maples – these plants were extremely vulnerable to damage last winter. They put on a lot of summer growth yearly and need an annual pruning check in November as their leaves drop. Reduce the load ahead of time and reduce the chances of damage to your prized specimens.

Netting around evergreens or other shrubs that splay in snow or that deer eat – apply a bit later in fall OR prune now to reduce the impact of snow load.

Cut back of perennials, clean up of annuals – usually done once frost comes. Does anyone know the date this year? Lately we have had to wait until November.  But why not enjoy the color and seedheads until then!

Laying down salt marsh hay or pine needles and evergreen boughs to protect perennials – do not do until ground freezes solidly! Or you end up making a nice winter home for mice and other rodents.

Winter mulching of certain subshrubs and woody plants – November maintenance work.

Deer protection spraying and anti-desiccant – November routes will be scheduled.

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