We grow a limited quantity of annuals, perennials and vegetables from seed each spring.  Additional starts will be sourced from certified organic farmers in the area. In addition, we can provide organic seeds for certain plants that are best sown directly in the ground such as carrots, peas, beans, squash, and corn.  Please call on us for help with vegetable garden bed preparation, layout, fencing and tending through the season!


Colorful annuals punch up an evergreen shrub border


Edibles enhance a patterned display of annuals

A bountiful July harvest basket

An amazing bounty of winter squashes

Perennials and shrubs

Pumpkin Brook maintains its own nursery of field-grown perennials and shrubs. Many perennials were started from seed years ago. Other perennials are raised from plugs or divisions. Often these plants are hard-to-find varieties that we stock to use in designs. Items are available all during the growing season.

2020 Available Plant List

Fothergilla gardenii