Since 1997, we have been growing and selling organic seedlings. As our business in these plants lies below the limit set for regulation by the USDA Organic Program, we are not certified organic producers, but rest assured that we are purists in our growing practices.


In the spring we custom grow vegetable seedlings for our clients.  Please place your early seedling order by April 1 so that we have time to produce the quantities and varieties that you desire. After this date we will source plants from local certified organic farmers as required.  Email your special requests to Priscilla.


For many years we grew over 50 different annuals from seed, including many heirloom varieties, for two local historic house gardens. With the growth of Pumpkin Brook, we had to curtail this activity, but still can’t resist a few favorites for companion planting, to attract beneficial insects, and provide a living mulch.