Every landscape benefits from edging, since it creates a clear demarcation line between a lawn and a perennial border or between two flower beds. Edging is like putting the icing on the cake—not required, but it adds so much to that manicured look. It also prevents grass roots from invading planting beds and keeps mulch away from lawn.

Mulching is essential to suppress weeds.  It keeps moisture from evaporating, which reduces water bills. Through mulching we prevent broad soil temperature fluctuations, i.e. it cools soil in summer and averts root damaging thaws in winter. Good quality mulch is partially decomposed and rich in microorganisms, which are essential for building soil structure, and adding organic matter.

This layered bed of perennials and shrubs pops with a cleanly cut edge

Newly edged lavender and rose garden

Tools of the trade for edging, mulching and bed maintenance

Finely shredded leaf mulch is the finishing touch

Edged shrub border gets a new, organized look