Our crew consists of avid gardeners and dedicated professionals.  Most of the crew members have NOFA accreditation in Organic Land Care and undergo continuous education in the green industry.  This ensures that we apply the best possible practices available to allow your landscape to achieve its full potential.  The almost-exclusive use of quiet, pollution-free hand tools (except shredder, chipper and power pole saws) will keep you and your neighbors happy.

We provide maintenance based on the NOFA Standards for Organic Land Care.



Pumpkin Brook has a strong commitment to using and phasing in new electric technology. We are starting with the use of battery charged electric blowers for our spring and fall cleanup seasons.  These new models are efficient and sound like a vacuum cleaner when running.  We will use them in lieu of rakes and brooms for hard-to-reach areas like slopes or mass plantings of woody ground covers that catch leaves.  Zero emissions are just one of the positive results.

Flame weeding a gravel path

Spring has sprung in this well-tended border

Native shrubs make a lower maintenance landscape

Susan in woodland

Fall is a great time to divide perennials

Electric blower is helpful to clean up leaves on gravel

Erica installing a fence

Summer rose pruning

Hydrangea glory