We offer a full service organic lawn care solution, providing everything from lawn mowing to fertilizing and renovating.

The first step is to analyze your site. Each site is unique and requires a customized approach to balance nutrients in the soil for the best possible turf.  You will then receive a proposal.

Bear in mind that turf is a heavy feeder, and that to stay lush and thick, organic fertilizer needs to be applied regularly. Organic matter can be built up over time to help turf retain moisture and nutrients. We pay attention to mowing height:  3”-4” is best with regularly sharpened blades.

There are three key action periods for lawn fertilization during the garden year:

Spring (mid April to early May) is for repair and spot reseeding after winter damage, amending and fertilizing per soil test results to get a thicker turf started.

Summer (June) is a simple repeat of fertilizer to encourage continued growth of grasses. Weed control and scouting for grubs is another summer activity, as required.

Fall (late August to late September) is the perfect time for lawn renovation. We core aerate, amend, fertilize, topdress and overseed at this time, taking advantage of cooler temperatures, more frequent rainfall, and less potential for weeds to sprout.

(Click here for a list of our material ingredients.)

As your lawn gets established, and depending upon your expectations, you may require less fertilizer and amendments. We offer custom seed mixes for low maintenance lawns and encourage the use of nitrogen-fixing clover. Establishment of these options results in less frequent mowing and better resistance to drought and stress.

Let’s work together to create a healthy, sustainable lawn that is safe for you, your family, your pets or your visitors to enjoy.

Fall 2015 Newly Seeded

Spring 2016 New Lawn

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