Hardscapes such as a walkway, path or patio are the perfect accompaniment to a landscape planting.  They provide usable spaces and a functional way to move throughout and enjoy your property.  At the same time, they add beauty and value to your home landscape.

We work with fieldstone, bluestone, brick or concrete pavers.  Paul Marean, our designer, can configure walkways, patios, paths, low walls, or unique natural stone projects.  He also has experience solving drainage problems. 

Our staff is skilled at repairing existing hardscape features.  Recent projects include remortaring walls and walkways, replacing cracked bluestone, and redirecting downspouts below ground.

Goshen stone pathway

Drip Edging

Low stone walls

Natural fieldstones replaced manufactured pavers

Downspout redirected under ground

New stone walls and steps create beautiful and functional bridge from new asphalt driveway to front porch.