Priscilla’s To-Do List for late February/early March

– Finalize seed orders if you plan to start annuals or vegetables from seed
– Onions, leeks, and pansies can be started from seed indoors now
– Slowly increase watering your houseplants and begin a diluted liquid fertilizer regimen every other week
– Continue to use Safe Paws ice melt on your walkways as this product is not harmful to your pets or your plants
– Prune fruit trees on days with temperatures above freezing when there is a lack of deep snow or ice to permit safe access to the trees
– Prune other deciduous plants while dormant if conditions permit – do not pull branches out of the snow as they are very brittle in the cold
– Catch up on reading garden books and magazines, looking for appealing plants and ideas for 2019 improvements
– Schedule a design consultation with Priscilla
– Get out for a winter walk and breathe deeply to enjoy the benefits of good physical exercise