The answer to this question changes from year to year. In general, we wait until the threat of snow is over. Levels of snow differ widely in our service area and depend greatly on the amount of shade and the altitude. We like to see the snow mostly gone from your yard and a good deal of the moisture evaporated before we start our season. In this way, we avoid ruining your lawn with our footprints or damaging still-wet soil with early transplanting activity.

We plan to begin our tick and mosquito spraying season early this year, again as soon as the snow is gone. It’s not too late to sign up! Please contact Kim in our office for more information.

Remember that ticks like to congregate in moist conditions at the edges of woods and yards, so wear tick protection and check yourself, your children and your pets after frequenting these areas. I have found our spraying regimen to be very effective in reducing both tick and mosquito populations on my own property, so I highly recommend it to you.

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