Priscilla’s To-Do List for May

  • Edit:  Divide or transplant overgrown perennials, especially running types like bee balm and rudbeckia that tend to merge with neighboring plants
  • Pinch back tall sprawlers such as Anise hyssop and Aster to control height
  • Put stakes and string or hoops in place early for peonies
  • Prune roses, clematis and hydrangeas
  • Prune remaining cutback shrubs such as smoke tree, beauty berry, and butterfly bush
  • Fertilize roses at pruning time
  • Go after the cool season weeds
  • Set out vegetable seedlings and remember to use organic fertilizer to get them off to a great start, as veggies are heavy feeders
  • Edge beds to keep grass from encroaching on your plantings
  • Plant closely to cover bare soil or mulch such areas promptly
  • Remember to water your new plantings if Mother Nature does not provide 1″ per week
  • Deadhead and fertilize bulbs as they end bloom
  • Dig out any non blooming bulbs, or “pups”
  • Make notes for fall bulb ordering and planting
  • Update spring containers as the weather turns warmer
  • Set aside time to enjoy your garden!


We look forward to seeing you on an upcoming garden tour and in your garden,


Priscilla and the PBOG Crew
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