• Shear ornamental grasses and root prune or divide if they have grown too big for their space
  • Continue dormant pruning of fruit trees, deciduous shrubs, inkberry, holly, and any overgrown shrub you want to contain
  • Prune honeysuckle vines hard as they bloom on new wood
  • Reduce girth of yew, privet and arborvitae now as a template for future size before they put out new growth
  • Cut back butterfly bush, caryopteris, smoke tree, and Rose of Sharon as these bloom on new wood
  • Inspect all shrubs and trees for winter damage and prune out
  • Rake off beds that had a layer of leaves for winter protection
  • Cut brown stalks of perennials such as sedum or Montauk daisy that were left for winter interest
  • Shear back lavender, sage, thyme, epimedium, fern to start plants over for a new season
  • Make notes for transplanting and dividing perennials later in April
  • Begin to edge beds as the ground dries out
  • Spray horticultural oil on Korean spice viburnum to prevent snowball aphid damage
  • Direct seed early vegetables such as peas and lettuce when the ground dries out
  • Seed indoors other vegetables such as beets, Swiss chard, and peppers

We all look forward to seeing you soon in the garden!
Priscilla and the PBOG Crew

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