The Korean Spice Viburnum shrub sports some of the most fragrant flowers of spring. Typically its pinkish-white blooms appear just before the leaves, perfuming the air with the most wonderful aroma! From a distance, the blossoms look like snowballs, hence its nickname of “snowball viburnum.”

Viburnum Carlsesii

This shrub is very easy care, but unfortunately, it is attractive to the pest called snowball aphid.

Viburnum Carlsesii 3

See the accompanying article about how we can help you with organic control. Another method in our toolbox is soil testing and amending. We find that plants growing in soils low in Phosphorus are less attractive to insect pests. Since New England soils are naturally high in Phosphorus, we strive to bring this nutrient down by adding Calcium, Potassium and/or Sulfur to help balance your soil, depending on your test results.

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