We’ve prepared quite a fall checklist and stand ready to help you work through it.  What we do now sets the stage for spring 2020. August is a great time to analyze various sections of the garden and make plans for updating. Here’s what we’ll be tackling as we move ahead into September:

  • Transplant, divide, remove and add plants through late October (save shrub work for late September but start perennials soon)
  • Rework the position of plants in a section, perhaps implementing more changes in other areas next spring
  • Update bed lines
  • Soil testing in problem spots with little or no bloom, potential high sodium from road salt, new areas to be developed, or areas where conditions have changed
  • Amend soil in October and November, as plants put on their root growth and set buds for next spring, or as part of an earlier fall renovation project
  • Build raised bed vegetable areas, fill with our raised bed mix, and let things “cook” over the freezing and thawing cycles of winter
  • Clean up spent crops early and sow an enriching cover crop that will winterkill; or top off existing raised bed mix, amend, and be ready for an early spring sowing of peas, lettuce and other tasty cold season crops

Please let Kim know ( kimberly@pumpkinbrookorganicgardening.com ) if you’d like our help with any of these timely fall tasks.

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