Priscilla’s Guide for September To-Do’s in Your Garden!

  • Begin to divide and transplant perennials that are not fall bloomers
  • Add new plants and carefully mulch to prevent winter heaving
  • Complete order for fall planted bulbs
  • Clean up summer annuals like petunias as they fade and use an organic liquid foliar feed weekly to encourage strong annuals such as lantana, marigold and dahlia that continue into fall
  • Refresh containers with fall interest annuals and perennials such as red grasses, asters, kale or chard, mums and sedums
  • Refresh vegetable gardens with starts of kale, chard, lettuce
  • Pull out vegetables that are no longer producing and clean up all spent foliage/fruits on the ground
  • Cover crops can be planted to enrich the vegetable garden soil and suppress weeds if you don’t succession plant
  • Sow microgreens in containers near your back doorstep for easy, quick shearing
  • Finish up summer pruning by mid-month
  • Nip back the vegetative growth of rose canes, wisteria, trumpet vine
  • Aerate lawns
  • Fertilize and overseed lawns
  • Keep up with weeding
  • Watering deeply is especially important now (see accompanying article on the lingering impact of drought)

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