Any broadleaf evergreen planted in 2017 or 2018 needs special help to get through the coming winter. That means boxwood, holly, rhododendron and pieris. These plants are beautiful in the winter landscape!  But if they are not yet well rooted, they are vulnerable to winter burn. That’s the awful browned out look you’ll see when driving around in late March or early April.  We notice that mature plants can be readily damaged, too, if they are sited to receive the western sun.

To avoid that problem, we recommend our anti-desiccant spray. With an active ingredient of pine sap, it is invisible. It coats the leaves like lip balm, protecting them from harsh winds and bright sun when temperatures are well below freezing. The solution breaks down gradually in early spring and literally washes away when it is no longer needed.

Please contact Kimberly: akimberly@pumpkinbrookorganicgardening.comkimberly@pumpkinbrookorganicgardening.comto arrange for a quote by our Plant Health Care Manager, Al Newman, for your valued plants. Anti-desiccant is applied with our power sprayer in November on sunny days without wind. Al develops spray routes and will need to order the proper quantity of product in advance, so please be sure to sign up now!

Many of our returning Plant Health Care clients have prepaid this service and will be automatically included in the spray routes.

Pieris ‘Mountain Fire’

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