Organic lawns thrive without synthetic chemicals and provide the peace-of-mind that we are creating a safe, healthy place for families to gather and play.

Our friends at the Northeast Organic Farming Association have put together the following six reasons to grow an organic lawn.

  • Dogs whose owners use 2,4-D (common weed killer) on their lawns are twice as likely to die of cancer.
  • Children living in homes where pesticides are used have higher rates of leukemia and brain cancer.
  • Organic practices restore soil food webs so the organisms can provide nutrients to the plants.
  • Commonly sold pesticides like glyphosate (in Round-up) are linked to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the 2nd fastest growing cancer in the United States.
  • Synthetic lawn fertilizers and pesticides can run off lawns and harm streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and oceans.
  • 100% of Americans tested have traces of pesticides in their body fluids and tissues.

Let Pumpkin Brook convert your lawn to an organic one.  Fall is the best time to start.  Call us today.

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